The content of the service

National Infrastructure Planning Service includes Articles and Materials on the following topics and areas:


  1. The Examining Authority and the Secretary of State 
  2. National Policy Statements
  3. Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects
  4. Requirement for Development Consent
  5. Scheme development  
  6. Pre-application procedures
  7. Information and surveys        
  8. Making an application 
  9. Contents of a development consent order
  10. Compulsory Purchase  
  11. Environmental impact assessment and Habitats Regulations assessment  
  12. Other application documents  
  13. Pre-examination, examination and post-examination
  14. Decisions on applications     
  15. Correction of errors, Changes and Revocation 
  16. Legal challenges        
  17. Enforcement     
  18. Miscellaneous issues   



  1. Principal Act(s)
  2. Statutory Instruments
  3. CLG Guidance
  4. PINS Guidance
  5. Miscellaneous documents
  6. Development Consent Orders

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