Jan 14, 2014

Press Release - launch of the National Infrastructure Planning Service


In the wake of George Osborne’s Autumn Statement and his desire to showcase the UK as a nation that is ‘serious … about competing in the modern world’ through ‘making big decisions in infrastructure’, Francis Taylor Building and Bloomsbury Professional have launched the National Infrastructure Planning Service

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New online service offers instant, searchable access to legal commentary from Francis Taylor Building – leading infrastructure planning practitioners, with live demos on the 16th January


In the wake of George Osborne’s Autumn Statement and his desire to showcase the UK as a nation that is ‘serious … about competing in the modern world’ through ‘making big decisions in infrastructure’, Francis Taylor Building and Bloomsbury Professional have launched the National Infrastructure Planning Service.


For a country set to see this continual large growth in its national infrastructure, this is the only complete online database of materials and articles that assists the planning community in how to plan and execute projects successfully.


“It really is terrific – just what the profession needs” – Quod

It is no surprise therefore that top UK developers are already signing up for their first 12 month subscription.  John Rhodes, Director of London-based planning consultancy Quod said this about the Service:


“The National Infrastructure Planning Service provides an invaluable resource that covers all the aspects of the DCO process, including the myriad of Acts, Guidance and Regulation.  The articles are very helpful, to the point and provide practical insights.  It’s also fantastic value for money – a few clicks of a mouse and you have advice from 10 of the leading Barristers.  This is clearly the most helpful and comprehensive service available and, in my view, is a must have for infrastructure practitioners.”


What is contained in this “invaluable service”?

This fully-searchable service provides articles and materials on every area of the Planning Act 2008 as it pertains to how developers follow the Act in order to construct successful plans and projects.


Through the service, the authors share best practice, discuss new ideas, and provide updates on new developments, as well as offering advice and solutions for problem areas to ensure that major pitfalls are avoided - such as failing to construct satisfactory funding statements that would enable specific projects to ‘get off the ground’.


The brand new National Infrastructure Planning Service features:

  • Access to two databases: National Infrastructure Planning Articles – a regularly updated archive of expert opinion and best practice on how to complete projects successfully, and National Infrastructure Planning Materialswhich includes:
    • Planning Act 2008
    • Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009
    • Localism Act 2011
    • Growth and Infrastructure Act 2013
    • Statutory Instruments
    • DCLG Guidance PINS
    • Advice Notes
  • Hyperlinks between articles and materials wherever cross references occur
  • Multi-level search facility, enabling users to ‘search-within-results’ to locate the right detailed information quickly, from across the whole service
  • Easy-to-navigate content panel and clearly-displayed article details


Who should subscribe to the service?

Aimed at project managers, developers, local authority planners and surveyors, as well as their legal advisers, National Infrastructure Planning Service gives professionals instant access, from their laptop, tablet or smart phone, to commentary and materials connected to every area of national infrastructure planning.


Information and articles are presented in a logical and highly-searchable manner, allowing subscribers to easily locate the opinion and expertise they need to make their projects a reality.


Live Demo on the 16th January, 2013

On the afternoon of 16th January, Francis Taylor Building (FTB) will be holding their annual infrastructure planning seminar at which members of chambers will cover a range of topics including the legal implications of planning for hydrocarbon development, offshore infrastructure projects, Welsh onshore wind farms and grid projects, HS2 Bill, examination process and proposals for reform.

The National Infrastructure Planning Service will be demoed and members of FTB will be available to answer questions about the service. More information about the seminar and how to book a place can be found at: http://www.ftb.eu.com/events/annual-infrastructure-seminar.asp.


Some background

The National Infrastructure Planning Service was the idea of Michael Humphries QC, one of the country’s leading barristers in national infrastructure planning. Humphries is based at FTB, the leading infrastructure planning set. He specialises in all aspects of property development law but is particularly well known for his major infrastructure planning and compulsory purchase work where he has acted in relation to some of the largest and most important projects in recent years.


As a high-profile figure in planning circles, Humphries has been instrumental in establishing the National Infrastructure Planning Association (NIPA). He was recently appointed as visiting fellow of the Department of Land Economy at the University of Cambridge, in which role he lectures students on national infrastructure planning.


As a result of his reputation within the sector, this new service has attracted significant attention from practitioners, including consultants, surveyors, planners and engineers as well as energy companies and utilities.


Regarding the development of the National Infrastructure Planning Service, Humphries comments, “I recruited a number of people from the chambers where I am based to assist in writing some of these articles. We created a structure that was based around how an engineering company or a client would approach getting consent under the new procedures – articles get dropped into that structure and link to materials.”


The National Infrastructure Planning Service provides the knowledge and skill of Francis Taylor Building’s legal experts for only £295 a year (single user license) and can be accessed online at www.nationalinfrastructureplanning.com  


About the Authors

Francis Taylor Building is the leading set of barristers in the field of national infrastructure planning. Chambers and Partners, 2013, notes, “FTB is widely held to be the go-to set for nationally significant infrastructure projects….”


FTB members advise and represent clients on a wide variety of infrastructure projects promoted under the Planning Act 2008, the Town & County Planning Act 1990, the Transport and Works Act 1992, the Electricity Act 1989 and other legislation. They act for promoters, local authorities, statutory consultees and other interested parties and work on infrastructure projects that cover energy, transport, water and waste water sectors.


The authors have special expertise in schemes such as electricity generation - including nuclear, gas, coal, and renewable, such as on- and offshore wind farms, energy from waste, solar and tidal.


They also have expertise in electricity transmission and distribution, gas production, underground gas storage, pipelines Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) facilities, bridges, tunnels and roads, airports, railways and trams, harbours and marine energy parks, water infrastructure and waste water treatment.



For more information on the service visit www.nationalinfrastructureplanning.com


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